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USPTA certification makes a difference Specialists
USPTA certification ratings and job descriptions/titles Sample job description

USPTA certification makes a difference

USPTA doesn't offer the only certification for tennis-teaching professionals, but it is the industry's most respected certification for career tennis professionals. This is a result of several factors, including USPTA's:
   - Certification process
   - Educational opportunities emphasizing operations management and other professional topics
   - Advanced programs for
specialist credentials
   - National programming to increase tennis participation

USPTA certification process
USPTA's Professional certification is a two-day education and testing process. Applicants' professional ratings are derived from results on the Certification Exam, the most comprehensive in the industry, which includes three sections - stroke production, teaching and written. The USPTA Certification Exam constantly evolves as the game and industry change.

Certification ratings and job descriptions/titles

Following are general descriptions of USPTA ratings and the job titles that most likely correspond to them. USPTA members may upgrade their initial ratings by retesting after a period of experience and education.

  • Elite Professional is the highest rating possible on the USPTA Certification Exam, and is available only to those with a minimum of three years' experience as a teaching professional. Elite Professionals commonly are considered for director of tennis or head tennis professional. They should be able to direct tennis programs, develop lesson programs, manage pro shops and tennis facility operations, direct activities and handle administrative duties, such as hiring, developing budgets, directing communications and serving as integral part of professional management team
  • Professional members may be better suited for the positions of head tennis professional, associate professional or assistant professional. They should be able to organize and implement tennis programs, assist with and develop competitive players, assist with and/or direct pro shop management and facility maintenance, conduct private and group lessons, and assist with tennis programs.
  • Master Professionals have achieved USPTA's highest tested rating of Elite Professional, plus made remarkable achievements in areas such as teaching, playing, industry service and education. They make up less than 1 percent of USPTA's membership, and should be capable of high-level job requirements, such as those for club manager, director of tennis or head tennis professional positions.
  • Recreational Coach is a non-tested, entry-level category designed for people who may already be teaching tennis - as high school coaches, at recreational facilities or in other part-time situations - but are not immediate candidates for careers as full-time teaching professionals. Recreational Coaches successfully complete a workshop and are qualified to assist full-time staff during camps, group lessons and other grassroots programming.
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