How do I place an advertisement?

Click on the Employers “Post a Job” button and then enroll your facility by creating an account.  If you have already done this then login and follow the instructions.

Once your facility has been approved, you will receive an email confirmation letter.  Then go back to the website and "Employers" and click on "Post a Job."  Fill out the form and click on the preview button below the description box.  Your ad will appear as it will to the members.  At the bottom, below contact information, is a button that says "Approve Job Listing."  Click on this button to send for approval.  Your advertisement will be online within 24 hours.

You can also email the ad, 75 words or less in paragraph form, along with your contact information and we will place the ad online.

For helpful tips on how to hire a tennis professional, consult the "Hiring guide" in the “Employers” section under "Additional Resources."  Remember to ask your prospective candidates if they are certified and what certification level they hold.  For more information on USPTA membership categories, visit the Membership section of our website.

Can I place an advertisement only in a specific area of the country?

The USPTA’s Find-a-Pro website is not designed to limit what area of the country an advertisement will be shown.  However, you can request the division to send an email to their membership letting them know the advertisement is on the website.

The member when searching for jobs can put in the individual states that they want to search by as well as job title and type of job.

Also in the advertisement itself, you can stipulate that there will be no moving expenses or that you are looking for a professional from a specific region.

Can you recommend a professional in my area?

While we appreciate your request for a recommendation of a professional in the area, we, as a trade association, cannot recommend one member over another.  

However, during the interview process, you may ask them how long they have been teaching, what techniques they use, their ranking and/or qualifications.  Be specific in your needs when talking with a professional prior to hiring him or her.

I am not a certified member of the USPTA, can I look at the advertisements?

The "Pros find Jobs" service on the Find-a-Pro website is for current USPTA-certified members only.

We suggest that you contact Bob Larson at 952-920-8947, or email him at bob@tennisnews.com.  He produces an extensive job listings newsletter for not only tennis-teaching positions, but also for opportunities within the entire tennis industry.  These listings may give you a broader perspective of the types of jobs that are available across the country, as well as their requirements.

Also, you might want to check out some of the job services on the Internet.  Although we do not officially recommend any particular sites, we can tell you about a couple of those available:


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